18-21 October 2022

This year "InnoWeek.Uz-2022" is held under the motto "Green innovations for sustainable development".

InnoWeek 2022 gathered more than 17 thousand participants and became one of the most significant events in the world of innovation. The week was more than successful, including more than 30 events and the signing of more than 50 investment contracts. Experts from more than 50 countries participated, which underlines the global importance of this event.

The Innovation Week was full of various events, including the presentation of scientific research by scientists from our Republic, innovative products and startup projects. Moreover, the results of scientific projects supported by the Ministry of Innovative Development were presented.

Special attention is paid to the final stage of the TechnoWays technology marathon, which will be held on October 17 and where the winners who demonstrated advanced technologies and innovative solutions will be awarded.

In addition, it should be emphasized that Aziya Immunopreparat took an active part in InnoWeek 2022. It occupies an important place in the development and production of innovative immunobiological drugs. The participation of Aziya Immunopreparat in this event underlines their commitment to the active introduction of advanced technologies and scientific developments in the field of medicine and biotechnology.

Representatives of Aziya Immunopreparat made their contribution by sharing experiences, ideas and innovative solutions with experts from around the world. This event became an important platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience, and also contributed to the establishment of promising partnership agreements.

Aziya Immunopreparat's participation in InnoWeek 2022 is a vivid example of their commitment to innovation and the desire to cooperate with the global community in creating a healthier and safer future..More detailed.

December 15th

"Made in Uzbekistan" products have launched a national pavilion in Baku, Azerbaijan.

From December 15th to 17th of the current year, the universal exhibition of Uzbek goods "Made in Uzbekistan" is taking place at the Baku Marriott Hotel Boulevard in Azerbaijan. This event is organized by the Agency for Export Promotion under the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan in collaboration with the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Azerbaijan.
According to the representative of the agency, Kizlarhon Begmatova, the event aims to showcase information about this exhibition in the city of Baku.

28 March 2023

Representatives of the Uzbek pharmaceutical industry recently made a visit to the United States as part of a business mission.

On March 28, 2023, Sardor Kariev, the Director of the Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, led an expert group in a meeting with representatives of USAID in Rockville, USA.
  A historic moment for the Uzbek pharmaceutical industry - the first-ever American-Uzbek Pharmaceutical Summit took place. A delegation from Uzbekistan, led by Sardor Kariev, the Director of the Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry, visited the United States. On the first day of the meeting, as part of significant negotiations between pharmaceutical representatives from both countries, Uzbek experts met with USAID representatives in Rockville.

Kizlarhon Begmatova, a representative of the agency for the media, provides information about this meeting from Washington.

Aziya Immunopreparat company is pleased to welcome representatives from Acdima company from Egypt 🇪🇬.

At the meeting, there was an exchange of views on various aspects of our activities. We actively discussed the current situation in both companies and identified key areas where cooperation between us could be highly promising in the future.

One of the main topics raised was the idea of collaboration in the field of research and development. Both companies possess unique skills and resources that can complement each other in this area. We discussed opportunities for joint scientific research, knowledge sharing, and the development of innovative products that can benefit our clients and the market as a whole.

Furthermore, the idea of organizing joint events and knowledge-sharing activities was expressed. The interaction of our experts at seminars, conferences, and training sessions can enrich knowledge and expand horizons for both companies.

Issues related to the integration of our business processes and partnership relations were also discussed. We explored opportunities for collaborative projects, which can enhance our competitiveness and expand our customer base.

In the end, our meeting led to an understanding that we share many common interests and potential for collaboration. We agreed to continue discussions and develop specific plans in the future to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership and the achievement of our common goals.
We express our gratitude to the representatives of Acdima company for their visit and their interest in collaboration!

Our company, Aziya Immunopreparat, has obtained a national GMP certificate

which serves as confirmation of the proper implementation of quality standards, the presence of modern technological lines, and the functioning of a quality management system.

We plan to obtain other local and international certifications as part of our business activities. One of our primary goals is to provide our customers with high-quality products that fully comply with both local and international standards.

A meeting of the Ministers of Health of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Medical Congress was held in the Samarkand region.

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The Minister of Health of Uzbekistan Amrillo Inoyatov spoke at the Congress, who stressed that today's event is being held in the land of Mavorounnakr on the birthday of the great scientist Abu Ali Ibn Sina, the founder of modern medicine, symbolizing the pinnacle of research in the field of medicine.During this event, significant areas of medicine such as anatomy, psychology, pharmacology, therapy, surgery, diagnostics, hygiene were discussed and presented, as well as new stages and developments in these areas were outlined.
His century-old works on the detection, treatment and prevention of diseases still remain invaluable and invariably valuable. The whole human civilization is convinced of this.
The main purpose of the current event is to study the unique experience, rich history and traditions of the national medicine of the Turkish people, as well as the use of achievements and innovations in modern and innovative medicine for the best benefit of society.

B2B: Close Collaboration Between "Acıbadem" Hospital and Enterprises

In the healthcare industry, it's becoming increasingly common for hospitals like "Acıbadem" to establish close collaborations with various enterprises. These collaborations can take several forms, all with the aim of improving healthcare services and patient outcomes.

One form of collaboration involves partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to ensure a steady supply of medications and innovative treatments for patients. This ensures that the hospital has access to the latest advancements in medical science.

Another aspect of B2B collaboration is working with medical equipment manufacturers. Hospitals need state-of-the-art equipment for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment. By partnering with these companies, "Acıbadem" can stay at the forefront of technological advancements in healthcare.

Additionally, "Acıbadem" Hospital can collaborate with healthcare IT companies to implement electronic health records (EHR) systems and other digital solutions. This improves data management, streamlines patient care, and enhances communication among healthcare providers.

Furthermore, partnerships with insurance companies can benefit both patients and the hospital. Patients may have easier access to healthcare services, while "Acıbadem" can ensure smoother billing and claims processes.
In summary, close collaboration between "Acıbadem" Hospital and various enterprises is crucial for maintaining high-quality healthcare services, accessing cutting-edge technology, and improving overall patient care. Such partnerships can lead to better healthcare outcomes and a more efficient healthcare system.

Saudi and Uzbek companies have signed 14 agreements and memoranda of understanding.

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Fourteen agreements and memoranda of understanding have been signed between several Saudi and Uzbek companies in Jeddah across various investment areas. These agreements were signed in the presence of the UK Minister of Investments, Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih, and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Jamshid Khojaev.

The signed agreements and memoranda of understanding aim to explore investment opportunities, promote partnerships between the private sectors of Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan, encourage mutual investments, strengthen ties in several targeted sectors, expand strategic partnerships, develop investment relations between the two countries, exchange information on available investment opportunities, and align high-quality investment opportunities.

These agreements and memoranda of understanding cover a range of investment sectors, including air transport services, livestock, agriculture, sports, education, science, media, energy, and technology.

These agreements and memoranda of understanding are part of efforts to enhance integration and cooperation between the two countries, promote investments, and expand joint projects between Saudi and Uzbek companies.

Pharmaceutical companies have signed a memorandum of cooperation with a biotechnology company in Tennessee, USA, to develop innovative methods for the production of gastrophage.

Pharmaceutical companies have signed a memorandum of cooperation with a biotechnology company in Tennessee, USA, to develop innovative methods for the production of gastrophage.

The pharmaceutical company is also negotiating with the states of the United States of America in the state of Indiana on the production of an innovative gastrophage, and the process of signing a memorandum has begun.

In the Columbia District (State of Columbia), a dialogue is underway between Bifar, headed by Jaite Gonzalez, and Nobel Prize laureates in order to register an innovative method of producing gastrophage and attract distribution companies. The signing of the memorandum of cooperation has also begun.


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